The Unaligned 2
The Unaligned 2
The Unaligned 2
The Unaligned 2
Black Chantry Productions

The Unaligned 2

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This set is a fixed assortment of 90 cards to add to your Vampire: The Eternal Struggle collection. It focuses on clans Followers of Set, Gangrel and Giovanni, and contains:
– 51 crypt cards, including legendary individuals like Count Jocalo, Matasuntha and the renegade Justicar Xaviar.
– 39 library cards with new powers and maneuvers, such as Blight, Spiritual Guidance and Serpent’s Numbing Kiss.

The contents are detailed below. The number before each card is the number of copies of that card in the bundle.

2 Bez Dunsirn
2 Domenic Giovanni
2 Dr. Oliver Genet
2 Enzo Giovanni (Adv)
2 Lisandro Giovanni
2 Lupo Giovanni (NEW ART)
2 Madeleine Giovanni
2 Martino della Passaglia
2 Salvatore Giovanni

Followers of Set:
2 Cao Nguyen
2 Count Jocalo
2 Elizabeth Dimitros
2 Ghede
2 Glycon
2 Legba
2 Missy Schillingford
2 Sarrasine (Adv)
2 Shahara al-Rashwa

2 Art Morgan (NEW ART)
2 Inyanga
2 Mark Decker
2 Matasuntha
2 Rosa Hernández
2 Xaviar (Adv)

1 Bulscu (Adv) – Ventrue
1 Claudio Severino (Adv) – Tremere
1 Winterlich – Kiasyd

4 Blight
4 Funeral Wake
1 Gianna di Canneto
1 Giulia Giovanni Abruzzina
4 Spiritual Guidance

2 In Memory of the Two Lands
1 Nar-Sheptha
4 Ophidian Gaze
1 Saatet-ta
4 Serpent’s Numbing Kiss (NEW ART)
4 Velvet Tongue

4 Gift of Proteus
4 Thing

1 Rise of the Fallen

Double Deuce
Len Kanopka
Vivienne Geroux
City Star Taxi
Dark Web Procurer
Vlad Tepes

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