Echoes of Gehenna
Echoes of Gehenna
Echoes of Gehenna
Echoes of Gehenna
Echoes of Gehenna
Echoes of Gehenna
Echoes of Gehenna
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Echoes of Gehenna

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And the Antediluvians will make for themselves
an Empire of Blood
They will rule with iron talons
They will wrench the hearts of all still alive
And the full sum of the earth's living will come
and live in the Last City, called Gehenna.
- The Book of Nod

This set is a fixed assortment of 54 cards to add to your Vampire: The Eternal Struggle collection. It focuses on the Gehenna event cards, presenting incidents that according to vampire mythology signals the end of the world. Included are also a number of previously scarce vampires and other powerful cards.

The contents are detailed below. The number before each card is the number of copies of that card in the bundle.

5 Alabástrom
5 Aisha az-Zahra
5 Alicia Cortez
5 Apolonia Czarnecki
5 Joseph Fischer
5 Styles Margs

1 Absimiliard’s Army
1 Blood Trade
1 Blood Weakens
1 Conquest of Humanity
1 Fall of the Camarilla
1 Fall of the Sabbat
1 The Fourth Cycle
1 Fueled by Heart’s Blood
1 New Inquisition, The
1 Nightmares upon Nightmares
1 Recalled to the Founder
1 Restricted Vitae
1 Rise of the Nephtali
1 The Slow Withering
1 Thirst
1 Torpid Blood
1 Wormwood

1 FBI Special Affairs
1 Fee Stake Boston
1 Fee Stake New York
1 Fee Stake Seattle
1 The Parthenon
1 Narrow Minds
1 The Uncoiling

Total 54 cards

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